Hottest Dota 2 players

If the last blog about the associations between homoeroticism and Dota was not enough, this blog just takes the topic to another level. For this post we will be discussing the top 7 hottest Dota 2 players. The list is my personal opinion. Feel free to post a comment on who you think should be in the list, because may taste wont be able to float every ones boat.

1. Pajkatt


Pajkatt a current player under the squad. This dude has definitely got the looks. If he was not playing Dota 2 professionally I would suggest he should join the Backstreet boys or start a solo singing career, his looks would definitely give Justin Bieber a run for his money.

2. Yao


Is it me or is LGD recruiting for a boy band, no wonder they lost to IG in TI2? The top two are both from LGD. I think Yao is an all rounder. He has got the looks and the body. Tall dark and handsome. From his Weibo, he often post images of himself working out in the gym. He definitely has a lot of fan girls in China.

3. Loda


China is famous for making toys, Japan is famous for making electronics, Great Britain is famous for forming laws. Sweden is definitely famous for producing good looking Dota players. There are three Swedish blokes in the top seven. If I made this blog five years ago, Loda would have definitely been number one. Age has taken a toll on him, as he is slightly balding from the top of his head. Time does not forgive anyone, not even Loda God.

4. Hyhy


The former captain of the best SEA Dota team (Zenith). He has definitely got the looks, however he is only ranked at four because he caught an infectious disease called LoL. Sad but true.

5. ArsArt


It is impossible to have list of hot Dota 2 players without a Russian. Russia is definitely famous for many of the top super models, thus there is no surprise that some of their Dota players have the good-looking genes too. ArsArt is not just about his looks, he has definitely got the X-factor. Smooth, cool and charming.

6. Xfreedom


Xfreedom classes himself as the “eyes” of the Zenith team. He definitely gets a fair share of fan girls. Nicely represented in this picture. The girl next to him is overwhelmed by the fact she is standing next to such a hot Dota player. She is flushing for sure. I do not think I need to say anything more…..just look at the picture -_-

7. Era


A pro Dota 2 player. He is the new kid on the block. He as got that cute bad-ass I don’t give a shit look about him. We all know the saying, girls like jerks. He has got that deceitful cheeky smirk that just catches the eyes of fan girls, transmitting his dirty thoughts to the chicks.

Homoeroticism In Dota

True Dota players and Fans are often associated with masculinity. The game is a chance for members of the gaming community to show off their power, to prove that they have good hand-eye coordination with a mix of strategic thinking in order to express their manliness. I am pretty sure 90% of the Dota community would not admit playing this game is closely related to homosexuality.

However, it is undeniable that there are homoerotic elements present which undermine these great athletes and fans alike. The evidence is compelling.

Despite Tiny being one of the most manly looking heroes in the game, beneath that bad-ass rocky exterior there is also a sensitive side to this hero.  How would one explain  Tiny having the abilities to “grow big”, and “toss” players off.  I believe Engima must be one of Tiny’s best bumchums as Tiny loves to “toss off” enigma in order to get him ready for a 5 man “blackhole”. It is quite obvious what most of these heroes have in their minds.

Rikimaru has got be one sneaky bugger in the Rainbow community, as he loves to stalk vulnerable males for a quick “back stab”.

Furthermore you do not need a dirty mind to relate homoeroticism with abilities like “Burning spear” and the occasional “Acid spray” in the face. Sayings such things as “Once I get my Black King Bar, I can push better”, that to me sounds like an invitation for some hot loving.

I hope people are not offended by my rant about the associations between Dota and Homoeroticism. These are just some observations I have made from playing this interesting yet challenging game.

DK. Burning

DK. Burning

P.S Thanks to Charmingly Irrelevant (longs) for the ideas behind this article.

Heartbroken Rapier

Why do all Dota players love getting Rapiers? Getting a rapier is a sign of dominance, a sign of strength and a sign of power. Rapier is easily one of the most expensive items to buy, and definitely one of the hardest items to get, consisting two of the most expensive single items in the game. The rapier is an item of risk, you can win a game as easily as you can throw a game.

So back to the question, why do we all love Rapiers? Divine Rapiers are equivalent to those damn sexy girls in real life. Always playing hard to get. Once you get it, its so easily lost because everyone wants some.   However if you have a Rapier, its like having a hot girl by your side to impress all your mates. As the famous saying goes “Behind every great man there’s a great woman”. You gotta take care of that Rapier, if you are not careful the Rapier can easily become someone else’s possession, just like in real life; if you don’t treat your girl right, she will abandon you for someone better. The more the Rapier gets passed around the more of a slut the Rapier becomes, that is just a fact.  The attitude towards the loss of a precious Rapier is often anger and sadness, followed by a strong desire to snatch the Rapier back or simply acquiring another Rapier, this is so very similar to times when your girlfriend leaves you for someone else, you are desperate to understand why she left you, if not,  you are always hoping to find a replacement girl lol.

The moral of the story is to treat your Rapier like a girl, if you treat them like whores, they will leave you in order to come back to rape you!

QPANDA is not level 6 yet

QPANDA, a newly formed pro DOTA2 team sponsored by the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” James from the Goodsstudios. They are the new boys in town, they are laying down the gauntlet to the big boys.

I have to admit, they are definitely not the strongest team out there, to be honest, they still have a lot to learn.  From watching a couple of their games, their team coordination have been all over the place and their roaming ganks have been easy to spot. Furthermore, when they do have an advantage, they should enter the Olympics because they would win gold for throwing. Also they seem to only have one reliable strategy  and that is Singsing on his signature Kunkka. Most of their wins have come from sublime individual skills from either Singsing or Mini.

However, I still believe they have the potential to be one of the top teams in Europe. We all know Singsing is a troll in his streams but in pro games, even back in the days when he was with MOUZ,  he was a star. He always managed to make big plays even when his team was failing him (* cough cough Sexybamboe).  Wagamama, a carry player who has been around the scene for many years, he has definitely got plenty of experience. Mini, bumchum of Wagamama, they have great synergy together, not only in bed. SELECT, he lacks a lot of experience, but that will only come with time. He is mechanically strong from being a former pro Starcraft 2 player. When watching SELECT’s stream, I really feel so sorry for his keyboard because he seems to be smashing 300 keys per second…and JRX lol (sorry, but I really don’t know much about this guy). The other important thing to point out is that the QPANDA team is living and training together, that really makes a massive difference, look what it has done to A former team that was raped by chinese Pubs and now they have reached the G-league finals.  Right now, QPANDAs are still in the early game, only around LV1, but once they reach lv6, they will drop a motherfucking wagachrono in your face!

To be honest I am rooting for QPANDA not because of their DOTA but because they are officially the coolest DOTA2 team out there! Sup son?



10 Most hated type of Dota players

  • Mid and feed:People who random a hero, no matter what hero they receive they will immediately call “me mid”. Half of the time within two minutes they would have died twice and the opposition mid would be almost 3 levels ahead, and the mid lane is almost impossible for anyone to lane on. The Mid feeder will then decide to go to another lane to leech experience and last hits. GG
  • First blood rage quitters: There are players that quit as soon as a first blood occurs. It does not even matter whether he or a team mate gave the FB (First blood), he will just quit. I really do not understand these people, why join a game that often last for at least 30+ minutes, where the balance of the teams shift back and forth continuously throughout a match. And you leave within three minutes? 
  • League of Legend (LoL) players: WTF is LoL, laugh out loud?  The fact that the game is shortened to LoL is a joke. Most new LoL players joining Dota would think they are amazing due to previous MOBA experience, but the fact that DOTA is 100 times more challenging than LoL would make all new LoL players noobs. In the future LoL players please do not flame Dotaers.
  • Russians: No, I am not a racist person! I am only showing my middle finger to the retarded Russian Dota players (There are obviously Russian players that play with good manners). They seem to show no respect for any other race. They call the Chinese Ching Chong and call all the other race Niggers wtf? For some reason most of the Russian Dota players think that the rest of Europe knows their language…..
  • Chicken Feeders: These type of players would ruin the whole game for everyone by endlessly buying couriers to feed to the other team. If that is your attitude toward playing a team game, I think you are better off playing Tetris. I believe these type of people either are spoilt brats or kids that lack a lot of love, hence feeding couriers to get as much attention as possible from both teams.
  • Try hard try harders: It makes me laugh every time when the opposition types ” f*cking try hards” in the all chat. The fact that you are insulting the other team for trying hard to win is such a contradiction. The whole point of a competitive game is to try and win. Calling other people “try hards” is just a way to make yourself feel better.
  • Flamers: Dota is already a hard game, why are these people making the game even harder by raging at the microphone. Please keep your anger to yourself. Pls….buddy don’t have to be mad ^_-
  • Carry Pickers: These type of players would pick a carry under all circumstances. Ok, we got a Faceless void, Phantom lancer, Earth Shaker and Shadow Fiend. That is right! The Carry Picker will pick a Medusa. GG.
  • Fake Supporters: I personally do not mind  if support players don’t purchase wards in pub games, but these type of support players would do their best to steal all your creeps. These type of players tend to be very arrogant, they believe they can carry with any hero due to their incredible skills, their heads are stuck so far up their arses they are blinded by their own shit. However in reality, the Crystal Maiden with a BKB will still be raped by a poor Antimage in late game.
  • Retards that matchmake with good players: These type of retards would flame the losing team constantly due to their teams dominance. The funny thing is that your contribution to your teams success is almost zero as your game statistic is 0-2-1. Instead of flaming in all chat, please just thank your team mates in the allied chat. Thank you very much!

Popular Streamers


A Canadian pro dota2 player. He streams almost everyday. He normally plays the carry role. In his streams he is very instructive and provides good dota advice, I would recommend his streams if you are new to the game.

Entertainment: ***

Instructive: *****

Communication: ***

Click Here



He epitomes the style of Russian Dota players. He is famous for his continuous raging. This streamer is pretty funny however he does stream in Russian so I have no idea what he is saying half of the time. The only thing  I have learnt from his streams are not Dota related but how to insult in Russian such as Idi Nahui and Cyka……

Entertainment: ****

Instructive: ****

Communication: **

Click Here



A pro dutch Dota2 player. He is famous for his trolling such as throwing games after dropping 3-4 divine rapiers and he is very imaginative in his flaming. He definitely does not provide useful advice about playing the game however he does make Dota2 one of the most entertaining games to watch.

Entertainment: *****

Instructive: ***

Communication: *****

Click Here



Its time for Dendistyle nuff said. One of the best dota players mechanically in the world, you definitely get opportunities to see big plays! However he lacks communication with the viewers during his streams…..

Entertainment: *****

Instructive: ****

Communication: **

Click Here



A legendary Dota player. He was most famous for his days at MYM and his big plays with zeus. His streams are very educational also he sometimes offer the opportunity to play with the viewers (rare)

Entertainment: ***

Instructive: *****

Communication: ****

Click Here



A cheeky Pro Dota2 player. He likes to stream gangsta rap music while playing. His streams are generally very entertaining due to his ganking playstyle. He is also very famous for his incredible Meepo plays.

Entertainment: *****

Instructive: *****

Communication: ****

Click Here

Dota Stress Relief part.2

Are you still stressing out while playing DOTA2? Are you still raging at your team-mates? Are you throwing your keyboard against the wall because you have given up all hope in this game?

Well I hope this post will help you relieve some stress while playing Dota2. After all, this game is made for people to enjoy. I personally believe most people get incredibly worked up about the game due to their closed mindsets, their main aim of playing the game is not to have fun but to win, win and WIN!

When playing a match that may not be going too smoothly, you may have been matched up with a couple of retards, a few drunk Russians; most people would not be able to resist raging at their own team-mates about how noob they are, however this approach is incredibly wrong. Your insults toward your team-mates would create a snowball affect where the flaming would increase with more offensive insults. This would cause your team and yourself to become more hot-headed, and we all know that hot-headed people are unable to make logical decisions, thus you will end up losing the game feeling like shit.  The correct approach when stuck in this situation is to encourage your team-mates, also make sure that your strategy to this match is not effected by your noob team. In team fights, it is important you are there to do the clean up kills while your team take the damage, this way you will control the rhythm of your match as well as your team.  During team fights it is important to compliment your team-mates when ever possible to boost their confidence, in addition their trust in you, thus they are more willing to become  meat shields for you.  This may sound incredibly selfish, but this type of play would maximize the enjoyment of the game, even if you lose as you would end up with the most kills and assists, furthermore with minimum flaming you may even become friends on steam after the match.

Another really simple approach to reducing stress while playing DOTA2 is not to pick carries. Playing carries you often have zero impact on the early game. In most occasions, if your team mates are full retards; the game will end before you have farmed boots. Thus I strongly advise  people to play Solo Mid or Support roles to maximise their influence throughout the match.  Playing Mid or Support enables you to control the tempo and the ganks of the game, whereas if you played a carry you would only be farming. In most cases playing a carry, you would have farmed no items because all your towers have gone, there  is no room to farm, you have not killed anyone and your throne is about to explode. You will lose the game without making a single impact on the game. Thus playing Mid or Support roles you can actually be effective members of the team, even if you have lost,  you would feel like you have achieved something useful.

Dota Stress Relief part.1

Dota (Defence of the Ancients) an extremely competitive team based real-time strategy game. Like all competitive games, tempers will fume. There will always be rage quitters, flamers and “away from keyboarders”.

From playing on gaming clients such as Garena, Iccup and Dotalicious I have experienced and implemented all three acts of anger. My personal encounters of these abusive behaviours have led me to notice indecent conducts only generates further rage quitting, flaming and AFKing. Thus I believe listening to music while playing Dota is a great cure for reducing the number of angry Dota players by calming down the hot-heads.

Music not only helps to make the Dota community cleaner and more friendly but also helps Dota players to perform at a higher level. For example last hitting is a very rhythmical procedure, so last hitting under the influence of music really helps to increase those creep stats. If you are a hardcore carry I would suggest songs with prominent beats. Now farming like ZSMJ may seem slightly more feasible.

Another advantage of listening to music while playing Dota most players take for granted is that when your hero dies at a high level, the respawn time is annoyingly long. However the length of the respawn time is not long enough for you to pop to the gym to work on your finger speed. Subsequently you could chillax or have a cheerful sing-a-long during the hero respawn time, time not wasted!