Hottest Dota 2 players

If the last blog about the associations between homoeroticism and Dota was not enough, this blog just takes the topic to another level. For this post we will be discussing the top 7 hottest Dota 2 players. The list is my personal opinion. Feel free to post a comment on who you think should be in the list, because may taste wont be able to float every ones boat.

1. Pajkatt


Pajkatt a current player under the squad. This dude has definitely got the looks. If he was not playing Dota 2 professionally I would suggest he should join the Backstreet boys or start a solo singing career, his looks would definitely give Justin Bieber a run for his money.

2. Yao


Is it me or is LGD recruiting for a boy band, no wonder they lost to IG in TI2? The top two are both from LGD. I think Yao is an all rounder. He has got the looks and the body. Tall dark and handsome. From his Weibo, he often post images of himself working out in the gym. He definitely has a lot of fan girls in China.

3. Loda


China is famous for making toys, Japan is famous for making electronics, Great Britain is famous for forming laws. Sweden is definitely famous for producing good looking Dota players. There are three Swedish blokes in the top seven. If I made this blog five years ago, Loda would have definitely been number one. Age has taken a toll on him, as he is slightly balding from the top of his head. Time does not forgive anyone, not even Loda God.

4. Hyhy


The former captain of the best SEA Dota team (Zenith). He has definitely got the looks, however he is only ranked at four because he caught an infectious disease called LoL. Sad but true.

5. ArsArt


It is impossible to have list of hot Dota 2 players without a Russian. Russia is definitely famous for many of the top super models, thus there is no surprise that some of their Dota players have the good-looking genes too. ArsArt is not just about his looks, he has definitely got the X-factor. Smooth, cool and charming.

6. Xfreedom


Xfreedom classes himself as the “eyes” of the Zenith team. He definitely gets a fair share of fan girls. Nicely represented in this picture. The girl next to him is overwhelmed by the fact she is standing next to such a hot Dota player. She is flushing for sure. I do not think I need to say anything more…..just look at the picture -_-

7. Era


A pro Dota 2 player. He is the new kid on the block. He as got that cute bad-ass I don’t give a shit look about him. We all know the saying, girls like jerks. He has got that deceitful cheeky smirk that just catches the eyes of fan girls, transmitting his dirty thoughts to the chicks.

8 thoughts on “Hottest Dota 2 players

  1. Just too many Hot Dota 2 guys….too hard to please all the fanboy and fanygirls with a top 7. But it is very nice for you guys to share your favourites ^_^.
    I am not sure if you are trolling wit Singsing or not. H4nn1, definitely a good potential with that picture.

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