QPAD Red Pandas need new ideas

It has been one and a half month since the announcement of the QPAD Red Panda’s roster. The team got off to a good start, beating strong teams such as Empire, Mouz and VP. They also managed to grab the SK trophy in a convincing manner.  Now the honeymoon period is over, more and more of the top tier teams have sussed out Red Pandas aggressive play style.  Their recent results have been pretty poor, losing five games in a row. They also struggled to beat tier two teams such as HWA and TO. Sometimes, they even manage to throw away games where they built up a 10,000 gold and experience lead.

So what is going on with the team?

Half of the games Red Pandas lose are due to poor drafting. I do not think the poor drafting is solely the fault of  Wagamama & co picking up stupid line-ups, I think it is also because the team has very little flexibility. Red Pandas only have one reliable strategy, and that is the early smoke dual roam with either Shadow Demon and Chen, or Shadow Demon and Lina/Leshrac. With only one type of play style, the top teams can counter the Red Pandas extremely easily. If you look at the top teams, most of the players know how to play multiple roles, for example; LGD.cn’s DDC is equally competent on a support role as  Solo mid, also YAO and Xiao8 always switch roles with each other. Secondly I believe SeleCT is far too careless on the offlane, he is almost an ATM machine for the other team. I do not think SeleCT is mechanically bad, I just think he is trying too hard to reduce the farm on the other team, he is forgetting about his own development. I see numerous occasions when SeleCT roams around in the enemy jungle with Bounty Hunter at level 1 achieving absolutely nothing, where he could have simply just stayed invis on his own lane to leech experience, at least staying on lane would guarantee you a fast level 6……. It is hard not to sound like a Sing星 fan boy, but he is the only person who has been performing decently. He would be Godlike when the team is struggling. He has shown us how to carry with heroes such as Puck and QOP, single handedly clawing back the deficit for Red Pandas to comeback to the game. As for Wagamama, JRX and Mini, their hero pool just seems so limited. I always see them playing the same five heroes, Lina, Lesharac, Shadow Demon, Chen and Naix. They need to either invent new strats to broaden their hero pool, or broaden their hero pool to invent new strats. Right now they are simply too predictable.

They really need to step up another notch if they want to qualify for TI3. They need more starts, more strats and more strats. Invent new starts, not just copying LGD.int’s method of play. Right now most of the teams know how to counter them -_-

ROTK: Like a BAU5

ROTK, one of the most inconsistent dota players in the current scene. He can either be mind blowing or becomes an ATM machine for the other team.

I saw this on twitch chat, and I thought it was hilarious. Fellow Dotaers react in a similar fashion to his play style, up  and down like a roller-coaster.

Od4woGz                                              9121619

Dota: Stay fresh

From the way someone plays Dota you can tell his mentality towards life. As Dota is not just a game, its a way of thinking.

The grass moves in the direction of the summer wind, when I was young, I always thought I was the wind, I felt I had the power to change to world. But later in life, I gradually noticed that I was just an insignificant thread of grass. I always found myself complaining about the society and the people around me. I always had the mindset that the world was against me. I was being left behind in the cultural change. All the things I enjoyed was back in the past. I had to adapt in order enjoy the current society. I use to reminisce back in the days in China, everyone knew each other around the neighbourhood. We would play on the streets, play in the park and play in each other’s homes. It was a tight knit community. I was never alone. After moving to the UK, I found this was not the case any more…….The streets were empty, the air was saturated with silence.  I had to change. I had to adapt to the rapid increase in the speed of technological advance in the 21st century. I adapted to the widespread use of the internet. To be able to enjoy life, you have to let the past stay as happy memories. And change yourself to fit the current society as the current society will never change for you.


How does apply to Dota? Easy. I believe if you want to be a good player, you have to be update with the current Meta game from watching competitive games. Few Days ago I was playing a pub game, and I saw an Axe with double Stout shield as first items. This made me chuckle….in the current fast Meta game getting 2 stout shields gives Axe no early ganking potentials.

Understanding the current Meta game also allows you to pick better line-up. Picking up early to mid game gankers is a far more affective approach to the match than having a 4 protect 1 strategy. Even team DK are changing the way they play. They use to give Burning the safe  lane to farm until he has all his items, but now we see Burning playing aggressively on the hard lane.

Stay fresh.

Dota Hand

Have you ever experienced this?

When you play Dota for a long time on a daily basis, the anchor of your wrist will gradually become red. Often that region of the hand will have a thicker layer of skin compared to the rest of your hand. A callus has formed at the pivotal point of your wrist.

Long hours of Dota is training for our mouse holding hands to be tougher and stronger…….or could this be a sign of too much Dota……





Music, Dota and Time Machine

Similar to the discovery of electricity, the creation of music has changed the lives of millions. Where electricity depends on the continuous movement of electrons to transfer energy, music depends on the vibrations in the air stimulating our ear drums in order to transfer information.

Music is an universal language, a tool that can trigger certain emotions to the masses. For example playing “Disco Inferno” at karaoke has the same effect as drinking Chivas mixed with Green Tea to ease our timidity. Listening to Marvin Gaye has the same effect as popping few Viagra pills before doing the sex. Specific songs can also produce unique feelings to build up within a specific individual for a split second or a few minutes as one reminisces about the past. It is these components of music that makes it a great diary, each song is like a mini time machine that takes you back in time to live and feel the very moments you treasured.

I guess sometimes gaming is very similar to music. At each stage of your life you play a specific type of game, just like your music taste may change as you get older and wiser. For me personally, Dota will probably be the last game I will play. Dota is my favourite type of music. Dota can truly represent a period of my life.

5 Most annoying heroes to play against in Pub games

1. Antimage (Anti-Fun)

  • This hero was made to be annoying from the beginning of time. If Icefrog is god then Antimage would be the snake, a sneaky bugger
  • When Antimage farms up his Battlefury, let the split pushing commence. For your team, it takes a team effort to push down a tower. The other team, Antimage takes down a tower solo….fml.
  • Antimage’s ability to blink makes him almost impossible to be ganked. His Blink ability only has a five seconds cooldown. The blink also increases his farm speed, jumping from one jungle camp to another.
  • Antimage’s ability to split push and flash farm allows him to rice incredibly fast. If you leave him alone to farm for 30 minutes, AM will come out with Mantastyle, Heart, Butterfly and Battlefury, with those items, he is able to rape one versus five no problem. GG

2. Keeper of the Light (Gandalf)

  • I am sure everyone who is reading this blog has played against this hero. His nickname is Gandalf, a true representation of this hero. Gandalf shouts:”YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” all your creeps get cleared by the blast. How to push with the Great Gandalf standing behind the towers?  In pub games, people tend to pick carry heroes. Kotl is a really good turtling hero, delaying the pushes; giving your team of carries time to get farmed up.
  • With the ability to recharge mana enables Kotl to easily spam first spell constantly. If you ever face a Kotl in a tri-lane, I would advise you to switch lanes or just simply give up. His illuminate is basically an AOE Finger of Death (500 dmg). In the early game, any hero hit by an Illuminate blast would make them pay a quick visit to their fountain.
  • In low/mid level pub games no one buy teleport scrolls -_-. Kotl’s global ability to recall makes up for the lack of teleports carried by team mates.

3. Pudge

  • Pudge is a super hero to pick if you want to rape noobs, as beginners never understand the importance of warding. Without wards Pudge can simply roam around the map hitting hooks left right and centre.
  • Due to the high number of Dendi Fanboys, this hero gets played way too much. Seven out of the ten pub games I have played recently, there has been a Pudge….kind of getting sick of this hero.


4. All the invisible heroes (Nyx, Bounty Hunter, Riki…..etc)

  • Once again, these heroes are mostly only annoying in the low/mid level pub games. Why? Because no one ever gets a gem or some sort of detection!   A typical gank on Bounty Hunter would result in a massive fail as four of your team mates would be rage pinning on the mini map to gank BH, unfortunately no one is carrying a gem or dust. BH survives with half HP, and the typical flamer would be shouting uncontrollably on the microphone about how noob the team is……all I can say is “go gem or go home!”

5. Phantom Lancer (Cancer Lancer)

  • This hero is annoying in low/mid level pub games as people try to gank him with no detection. Sometimes I really do not understand the mindset of low level pub players -_-
  • In the late game, he spreads in a metastatic fashion just like Agent Smith from the Matrix. An army of Phantom Lancers, how do you fight against that? How do you push against that?
  • Phantom Lancer pickers get really proud once they win a 50+minute game, with 20kills and start spamming the all chat with “Ez game”, “Why you guys so noob”, “Butt hurt coz you lost game?”…hmmmm, I would say, there really isn’t anything special about winning a 50+minute game with Cancer Lancer, as it should be expected…..it is just a right-click hero in my opinion.

p.s I am sure there are plenty more annoying heroes to play against. I just listed a few I personally have found really annoying. If you have other suggestions feel free to comment.