Sad day for Qpad Red Pandas

I guess most of you guys reading this already knows the fact that both Mini and SeleCT have both chosen to leave the team in search of their own destiny. SeleCT retired from Dota 2 for some Starcraft 2 action and Mini is probably looking for a new team to join.

With the team only together for only 2.5 months, two members of the team have already decided to quit. I believe the recent bad performances was definitely a major contributing factor, but not all. Every time I watch Qpad play on stream, I always see people spamming “Qpad disband pls”, “SeleCT noob”, “APM doto” etc….these comments really do not improve the atmosphere for the team as a whole.

Its true, SeleCT  played really really poorly in a couple of games. He is definitely not the most experienced Dota 2 player, but he does have the desire to work hard and improve. Most people just remember his flaws rather than his big plays. Qpad’s slump during the western qualifiers reminds me of  iG in the G1 league. They were definitely not performing to their true potentials. The team coordination was messy, and at times Qpad players almost looked lost wandering around the map neither ganking or farming. They were not sharp with their team executions. Just like iG, the root of these bad performances come from internal problems….

It is especially sad to see Mini leave the team. He was a crucial member of the team as he was the guy who called out instructions. I personally thought Mini was one of the most consistent players on the team. I know that before the Qpad team, Mini and Waga were always together. They were always in the same team. I hope with Mini leaving the team, the friendship between Waga and Mini still remains.

here is a statement from Mini:

“Hey guys and gals! I thought i’d make a little statement here to explain what’s going on with me or even the team. Well I can’t really say anything for what’s going on in the team now, but at the time of my choosing to leave it was pretty rough. I had just moved back home and was able to get some air. We had been bootcamping for 2 months with no strategies or game plans. There was little communication from Sing or Waga and it was just obvious things weren’t going to get better. I made an attempt to lead, but some personalities just cannot be lead, and without open discussion and honesty to oneself and each other about performances, things just couldn’t improve.
Now my perspective could be completely different from the rest on the team, but I wouldn’t really know it because we lacked communication.
For me, I really wanted to succeed. I am realistic though and I know that I am not refined enough to carry a team in leading or perhaps otherwise(haha:P). Near the begining when we were winning, Sing talked a lot and there was great communication from everyone. This was when we were most successful and I was beyond happy to be a part of it. Unfortunately, soon later, communication stopped. The team essentially “failed”. Respect for Select plummeted, and morale was low. If one stops putting in the effort one’s team will fall apart.
There are definitely things I wish I had done differently in the team. For one I wish I had stood up for Select, you were a great player with amazing potential and you knew how to beat the game.
Thank you to all of the people who have supported me and have said I was good and that they are sad to see me go! I will still be around 🙂 I promise! I love dota, I love professional dota, and I couldn’t possibly stay away. Unfortunately, and to much dissappointment, this team isn’t the one for me. 🙂


Good luck Mini.
And also good luck to Select, hope he finds success again in Starcraft.”

I hope they can get their shit sorted out before Dreamhack. I guess right now they need to look for two new players to join the roster.

Best of luck to Mini and SeleCT in the future.

QPAD if you see this please give this player a trial!!! 


Dotabuff: Link

SteamID: Link

Dota Nooblets: Short Sony Vegas Clip

I have recently gotten my hands on a really cool video editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 11). Thus I wanted to make some cool flashy Dota 2 gameplay videos of pro players owning pub games. To my own surprise, these videos are incredibly hard to make. It took me almost a week to make a very short 2 minutes video. The clips I have chosen are not really top 10 plays, I just used some clips from some of my favourite pub players so I can get my hands on some video editing haha.

I personally think the video is pretty bad -_-……but I am pleased with what I have done as I have only been learning certain video editing techniques for the past week or so. I am definitely still a noob at this.


If some of you experts got some good tips in editing please feel free to tell me ^_^


Hopefully I will be able to make better, flashier and more exciting videos in the future!


Qpad Red Pandas out but not over

Yesterday was a sad day for the Qpad Red Pandas squad as they got stomped like a pub game by Mouz 2-0 in the Western TI3 qualifiers, knocking the Red Pandas out of the competition. Though I was rooting for them to make it through the qualifiers, but I believe it was too much to ask for a team that was set up only two and half months ago.

I could tell the training house helped them improve immensely as a team, as their team fights were almost immaculate, especially the time when they picked off Black’s well farmed Weaver, where the Qpad team really had to land all their spells perfectly in order to take the Weaver down. Though I have to question some of their decision making and individual abilities. I personally thought putting Luna mid against Puck was such a noob decision. You can argue that Luna can out last hit a puck, but Luna , an extremely fragile hero with no escape mechanism can be so easily ganked by the strong roaming potential of the two Mouz support heroes, Shadow Demon and Nyx. Also in game two, it was useful that Mini and Jerax helped SeleCT to kill Beastmaster mid, but leaving a defenceless Anti-Mage against an aggressive tri-lane is crazy. In game two, they never capitalised on their early game advantage. On the topic of individual abilities, I personally think SingSing has the strongest laning and individual skills in the team. It makes me ponder why he is not playing the solo-mid position any more, instead he plays the Carry role. With SingSing as Carry, he has no impact on the game in the early and mid game. Right now Qpad are losing games within 30 minutes.  Qpad won most of their games when SingSing was playing mid. In my opinion SeleCT’s individual ability is not up to par to play mid, he can hardly win his own lane, let alone help the other lanes, and I can not believe he sometimes does not carry a teleport scroll when laning mid . The mid lane is an important lane, as the hero laning mid gets solo experience. If so much of the team’s resource is going to someone who can not make the most of it, what good is that for the team? I think Wagamama is a far better Carry player than Singsing, as Wagamama has been playing Carry for most of his Dota career, Wagamama is a far more experience Carry player compared to Singsing. He is accustomed to the Carry role, in addition, sometimes Singsing plays a carry as if he was playing mid, focusing too much on the team rather than his own farm. Watching Qpad play yesterday reminded me of ViCi gaming few months ago when CTY played the Carry for the team. ViCi were getting stomped by Tier two teams, now CTY switched to the Solo Mid role, they managed to beat in a convincing fashion. SingSing is the CTY of Qpad, he needs to have more impact in the game in order to carry the team through the early game so they have a fighting chance in the mid game, in order to give Wagamama a chance to Carry in the late game!

I really hope they stay together as a team. I believe they still got a lot in them. The change in the roles really did not work out for them. They need to polish up on their decision making skills. In particular SeleCT needs to play many many many many many 1v1 games to improve his laning skills. I still think the Qpad team’s hero pool is way too limited, making them very easily to be countered by opponent teams.

Mid: SingSing

Offlane: SeleCT      (SeleCT carry- if using: Lone Druid, Mid-if using: Magnus)

Supports: Jerax + Mini

Carry: Wagamama

Though these roles should be interchangeable, which would offer the team some flexibility. I think SeleCT and Wagamama may switch roles in certain games depending on the hero being used. For example, if the hero was Lone Druid, I think SeleCT is more than capable of carrying with LD, whereas if the hero was Naix, I would definitely put Wagamama as the Carry role.


Good luck with Qpad in the future.

Bounty Hunter kill steal master

Bounty Hunter is one sneaky bugger, comes out from the middle of nowhere. One auto attack plus shuriken can snipe any under farmed support hero. Bounty Hunter’s cast animation for shuriken makes it an ideal spell for kill stealing.

Here is a video of Bounty Hunter KSing like a boss -_-


Phase Boots



Magic Wand


Eul Scepter

WTF is this? Stalker Alert?

My steam ID: 0杀19死 (0Kills19Deaths) , strangely someone today added with a conspicuous ID: 19杀0死 (19Kills0Deaths). To my own surprise I accepted the friend invite in a jiffy. I quickly asked why he named an ID so similar to mine. He did not reply. He changed the subject and asked me to join him in a game, I rejected his game invite as I had really bad pings at the time. I asked him, do I know you? Are you someone I know already? are you trolling? He did not reply. Instead he changed his display picture so that it matched my picture. Now both of us have identical display pictures, but the only difference is that his display picture is an upside down version of mine…..

I am very confused -_-

Do I actually know this person?

Why is he trolling me?


CTY aka Chen Tian Yu

A young pub-star from China has really caught my eye this week. He recently helped his team (ViCi gaming) to take down the Chinese powerhouse in straight sets in the Dota 2 Super League. His support Shadow Demon never wasted his spells, also his Clockwerk in game two not only managed to solo kill Yao’s famous Magnus mid, but controlled the tempo of the game by getting solo pick-offs left right and centre. Prior the Dota 2 Super League, he impressed me with his strong lanning skills when using Magnus, as he managed to out CS a Queen of Pain, furthermore he managed to solo kill Mushi’s puck with Weaver, something rarely seen.

Check out vs VG  Dota 2 Super League VODs: casted by BTS (Godz and LD)

Game 1

Game 2

CTY vs Sumnusm (Maybe)  Final of solo 1v1 competition: casted by 2009

CTY reached in the final by beating Sylar in the Semifinals.  Maybe reached in the finals in beating IG.430 in the semifinals.


However the transition from being a pub-star to a professional player was not an easy process for CTY. ViCi gaming originally gave the carry role to CTY, being a player that heavily lacks experience in the competitive scene, his carry play was not up to par. He single handedly threw so many games from making really stupid decisions. As we all know, if the Carry dies without buyback in the late game, it means at least one set, if not two sets of rax. I remember one game, where he sold his Battlefury in order to buy a Hex on his Anti-mage to counter the Phantom Lancer. After he found out the Hex was completely useless, he then switched his Hex back to the Battlefury….waste of gold? The first six months of his professional career was a tough one, getting stomped in most of their games. His poor performances were often joked upon by the commentators, and the public often criticised his skills; Saying that: “he is just a pub-star, nothing special.”

The turning point for ViCi gaming really came when ZSMJ joined the party. The old veteran took the carry role from CTY. CTY then moved into his favourite solo mid position. CTY is a natural mid player. His controlled aggression as a solo mid player really brought back memories of PIS. CTY has the combination of strong mechanics  with a deep understanding of the hero’s spells, enabling him to calculate big plays. His mid play is a piece of art.

I really hope to see more of this player, thus I will be wishing VG good luck in the Eastern TI3 qualifiers!