Personal view on iG’s slump

As we all know iG have been losing on a consistent basis, I can barely remember the last time they managed to beat a team. Their slump have been lasting for longer than a month now. Why are iG playing so bad?


I personally believe their initial slump began when players such as Chuan and YYF spent majority of their time streaming rather than practising or scrimming. Streaming somehow became contagious to all the iG members, soon everyone on the iG team was streaming pub level Dota. From the Dota 2 super league, we saw that their positioning and ability to coordinate as a team has been completely off. I also believe the lack of Dota2 competitions in China have effected all chinese teams greatly. The lack of competitions can be extremely demoralising for professional players as players often lack the motivation to practice.

After finishing watching iG’s recent performances. Their understanding of the current meta game is so out dated, also the team tries to mimic other teams strategies without fulling understanding them. Just from their ban pick stages I can tell that iG are going to lose even before the game starts. I can tell that individually each player is still very highly skilled as they often win their lanes, unfortunately Dota is not just about laning. As soon as the mid game hits iG, iG some how just goes on full retard mode; especially 430. During the mid game, they completely throw away the advantages they achieved during the laning phase. In the Mid game, they take fights when they should be farming, and farm when they should be fighting. Their timing on when to push, farm and gank seems to be totally random. Furthermore their must be something wrong with the team communication during in game plays, as sometimes the team seems very hesitant on their decision making.

If iG want to contest TI3 they’ll have to practice like no tomorrow. They definitely need a better understanding of the current Meta game. Try and invent some of their own strategies that suites their style of play rather than trying to copy other teams strats without fully understanding them…..-_-

Dota music

As a keen Dota 2 player I often watch professional players streams. One day I came across Comewithme’s (CWM) stream. I was not so much impressed by his plays (haha) but more intrigued by his music playlist while he was streaming. The music he streams may not be to everyone’s taste, but most of the songs I heard were really light-hearted and easy to relax too.

Hope you guys enjoy

Link to playlist (HERE)

Link to Stream (Here)