Top young potentials


Arteezy also known as the A-god by his fans. A player of impeccable laning abilities. Many would say he is the Mushi of the West. Under solid guidance this kid able to achieve results in Dota 2. Recently, with the support of EE-sama and friends, managed to beat Team DK in the finals of MLG.



A player similar to Arteezy in terms of mechanical skills; he has shown this through winning numerous solo 1v1 tournaments in beating top players such as 430, Mushi and Maybe, however he does lack game sense due to lack of experience and good guidance. He reminds me of Mushi 2-3 years back. CTY needs more time to mature. He has not achieved anything major and is currently taking a break from Dota 2. There are also rumours about him leaving Dota 2 for LoL. Only time will tell.

Bone 7:

Bone 7 first struck me with his impressive Clockwerk plays and his innovative item choices. He loves to go BOT first on Batrider. He started the trend with midas Darkseer and Armlet Clock. Bone 7 is a true genius of Dota. He is reinventing the offlane.


Another strong solo 1v1 player from China. He has not joined competitive Dota yet due to strong commitments to school. He is still a pub star at the moment, however through his pub plays, he has a fast reflex and a decent game sense. He is known to be one of Yaphets(PIS) apprentices.


A flashy support player for VG. He his known for his impressive Rubick plays, his positioning is one of his major strength and he always seems to be at the right place at the right times. Despite being a support player, he is also a strong laner as he has won solo 1v1 championships.


A pub star from Europe. His farming speed is amazing, often 1000-2000 more net worth than the opposing carry. His Shadow Fiend is one of the best I have ever seen. A player that has the capability to win a game 1v9. A player that deserves to be signed.

solo MMR rating of 5700+.

He also streams!

Dota 2 Matchmaking drafting

Dear Valve,

I am currently enjoying the ranked matchmaking system. People tend to take the game more seriously, and far fewer people are rage quitting or ruining the game on purpose by feeding couriers or themselves.

But one aspect of the ranked matchmaking is that people maybe trying a little too hard, not on the actual mechanical aspect of the game but the drafting stage. 99% of the games I have played, either solo mm or stacked with my friends, I had to gather patience from Zhou to wait for the opposition team to pick their lineup as they pause the game (waiting on average 2-3 minutes). Every game is like this. My team have all 5 heroes picked, then the enemy team starts counter picking every single hero we have. What is the point in that? surely that creates an unfair disadvantage to us? Hence in pro games, teams take turns to pick so one team does not completely outdraft the other team.

People are simply winning through draft rather than skill. This causes an unfair disadvantage to the team that picked all their heroes first. If you want fair drafting, play CM-mode……but then again, not all heroes are in CM-mode and it takes too long to get through the BP stage -_-

I would like to propose to valve that the time given for drafting stage for All-Pick mode should be reduced so that the unfair advantage should not be created through one team picking a lineup after the other team have shown their 5 heroes, or simply take turns in drafting. Pubs are about juking, outplaying, wodota plays. Its not about unfairly outdrafting your opponents just because you can pause the game in order for you to counter pick the other team’s hero……