iG vs DK G-league finals

iG fails to deliver in the finals whereas DK stomps iG 3-0 in a convincing manner. The G-league finals is no where near as close as the WPC-ACE or ECL finals. I think the main reason is iG internally already knows that there will be some roster changes, with the biggest rumour of all stating that Hao and Faith are likely to leave iG for the new “Dream Team”. The potential roster will definitely affect iG’s morale in terms of daily scrimming and practising. YYF in fact was streaming on YY rather than practising during the past few days. Even Iceiceice himself said during an interview that there will be a major reshuffle in the top teams, so teams such as iG, LGD and Tonfu have not been scrimming and training regularly.

I believe after the new roster changes the competition will be potentially stronger as these will probably be the final rosters before The Internationals, thus the teams will want to remain stable in order to perfect team executions. Also last minute roster changes is harmful for the team in terms of morale, and Valve may kick you out of the competition…..


P.S I am a big fan of Iceiceice. I am truly happy that he has joined DK. He has been in the Dota pro scene since 2006. Yet since 2006 he has won little tournaments, especially tournaments on a global scale. Iceiceice living in Singapore where the cost of living is really high, him playing Dota professionally without an income, just living off price money is almost impossible, hence he needed as much support as he could get from his family. Now he has joined a team where all four of his team mates share the same dream, they all share the hunger to win competitions. Don’t quote me on the figures, but I have a feeling that Iceiceice has won more prize money with DK during the past few months than his entire Dota career.

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