It has been a long long time…..

It has been almost 3 months since the last time I touched Dota 2.

I have been prioritising my work and life thus squeezing out all the time I have for this amazing game. In the beginning it was so difficult for me not to think about Dota 2. In the first few weeks I was craving for Dota 2 like a drugs addict. I suppressed my urges by watching professional games. To be honest, I was never addicted to Dota 2. I miss Dota 2 a lot not because I miss clicking my mouse repeatedly or feeling empowered when owning someone, but I miss joking around and interacting with my friends while playing Dota 2.  Dota 2 was a medium for me to socialise with people with similar interests.

Maybe it is my competitive personality…..After three months of Dota 2 abstinence. I do not  have the same impetus for playing the game any more. If I started playing again I would be a complete noob and I would be feeding constantly which would be rather stressful to play. One other important factor is that the internet, keyboard and mouse at my current accommodation is not suitable for gaming, simply too laggy. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game, and I do still occasionally watch top tier professional teams compete also I still visit the good old and on a daily basis ^_^.


For anyone who is new to Dota2. This is a must watch video.

Free to Play – Made by Valve



This song brings back memories of Dota 1.

Loda singing with his band!