Ti4 -Summary

Ti4 Summary.

Like most people, I am feeling the withdraw symptoms. The tournament lasted two and half weeks. The main event was held at the Seattle pro basketball arena. ESPN wanted to get involved and let us not forget the prize pool was $10.9 million dollars.

Despite the amazing venue and enormous prize pool, the grand final was a disappointment. The most exciting games were played in the group stages. Due to the format of the tournament, all the teams were scared to play their best Dota at the main event. Especially DK.


Best player of the tournament:


Most improved team:


Most disappointing team:

Joint winner Empire and DK

Most surprising:

Newbee winning TI4

Most exciting team:


Most boring team:


 Biggest come back/Throw

DK vs LGD main event (LGD came back from two rax down)

4 thoughts on “Ti4 -Summary

  1. A lot discriminates DK’s disappointing play but at some point they also did their best.. Picking new hero is not that bad.. Because picking best heroes is also not effective as always. VG in finals is actually much worse lol imo.

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