It has been a long long time…..

It has been almost 3 months since the last time I touched Dota 2.

I have been prioritising my work and life thus squeezing out all the time I have for this amazing game. In the beginning it was so difficult for me not to think about Dota 2. In the first few weeks I was craving for Dota 2 like a drugs addict. I suppressed my urges by watching professional games. To be honest, I was never addicted to Dota 2. I miss Dota 2 a lot not because I miss clicking my mouse repeatedly or feeling empowered when owning someone, but I miss joking around and interacting with my friends while playing Dota 2.  Dota 2 was a medium for me to socialise with people with similar interests.

Maybe it is my competitive personality…..After three months of Dota 2 abstinence. I do not  have the same impetus for playing the game any more. If I started playing again I would be a complete noob and I would be feeding constantly which would be rather stressful to play. One other important factor is that the internet, keyboard and mouse at my current accommodation is not suitable for gaming, simply too laggy. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game, and I do still occasionally watch top tier professional teams compete also I still visit the good old and on a daily basis ^_^.


For anyone who is new to Dota2. This is a must watch video.

Free to Play – Made by Valve



This song brings back memories of Dota 1.

Loda singing with his band!

Interesting pro dota haircuts

Some examples of interesting hairstyles from our professional players.



Singsing going for the right sided parting. But for some reason it looks as if the hairdresser only cut the hair on the left side of his head.



Zhou at Ti2. Its clear he went for the “fresh of the boat” (FOB) bowl cut.



Dendi, similar to Zhou. Rocking that bowl cut.



Yaphets going full emo hairstyle



Back in the days when Loda had plenty of hair to play around with. Loda going for the “just got out of bed” haircut, got that natural messy look perfected.



Misery with hair spiking from both sides of his head. Looking devilish, definitely suites his cheeky attitude.



EGM following Loda by example with the natural messy look. But I personally believe Loda looks better with the “just got out of bed” style….-_-



Not sure what Hao was trying here. It seems as if he wanted to grow a full afro, but decide to stop half way through the process.



Ehome.DC going for the elegant uber long hairstyle.



As the sign points out, this haircut is very noob indeed .



Puppey back in the days was definitely a heavy metal fan. There is plenty of volume in that hair. I am sure 2 to 3 birds can nest in it.



Ixmike, I think the picture says it all.



I am not sure whether he named his ID: FluffnStuff after his hairstyle or his hairstyle after his ID. So confusing.

Dota 2 Matchmaking drafting

Dear Valve,

I am currently enjoying the ranked matchmaking system. People tend to take the game more seriously, and far fewer people are rage quitting or ruining the game on purpose by feeding couriers or themselves.

But one aspect of the ranked matchmaking is that people maybe trying a little too hard, not on the actual mechanical aspect of the game but the drafting stage. 99% of the games I have played, either solo mm or stacked with my friends, I had to gather patience from Zhou to wait for the opposition team to pick their lineup as they pause the game (waiting on average 2-3 minutes). Every game is like this. My team have all 5 heroes picked, then the enemy team starts counter picking every single hero we have. What is the point in that? surely that creates an unfair disadvantage to us? Hence in pro games, teams take turns to pick so one team does not completely outdraft the other team.

People are simply winning through draft rather than skill. This causes an unfair disadvantage to the team that picked all their heroes first. If you want fair drafting, play CM-mode……but then again, not all heroes are in CM-mode and it takes too long to get through the BP stage -_-

I would like to propose to valve that the time given for drafting stage for All-Pick mode should be reduced so that the unfair advantage should not be created through one team picking a lineup after the other team have shown their 5 heroes, or simply take turns in drafting. Pubs are about juking, outplaying, wodota plays. Its not about unfairly outdrafting your opponents just because you can pause the game in order for you to counter pick the other team’s hero……


Ti3 thoughts

Ti3 has been over for a couple of weeks now, definitely suffering from withdraw symptoms as most Dota fans would. Valve simply makes the Internationals better and better. The excitement for Ti3 was huge, and the competition between the top teams have never been this close. [A] did amazing as most people expected, Navi managed to reach their third consecutive finals and the Chinese teams did average.

I tend not to be too wishy washy was my writing so I am just going to provide a list of things I PERSONALLY enjoyed the most:

Best team:

Alliance.  [A] was easily the best team throughout the tournament. They had an 100% record in qualifying the group stages and only dropped one game until the final. And that one game was against DK Burning’s famous Antimage. [A]’s strategy during the tournament was untouchable, their ability to split push, their initiative in avoiding fights, their team coordination, their game plan, their timing have all been spot on. They looked almost unstoppable until the final. The final proved very tough for [A], I guess most of the teams have sussed out their style of play, and found loop holes in countering their strong split push line-up.


My MVP goes to Mushi. he came second to Iceiceice in the solo championships and got Third with Orange, nothing to be looked down upon. Mushi played more heroes than any other player throughout the whole tournament. I think he played at least 19 different heroes during Ti3. He lead Orange to play the most number of games. Beat the all the toughest teams. I personally was rooting for them to reach the final, but one can never forget the moment Kyxy denied the Aegis and threw away their big chance against [A].

Most exciting game:

DK vs Orange. This game had all the big names, Burning, Mushi, X!!, Ohaiyo, you name it. The games kept you on your toes. It was so back and forth. There not one moment in the game where you felt one team was going to win the BO3. The teams were very equally matched. The games had aggression, patience and come backs. To be honest, all of the Orange E-sport games were a joy to watch. Their play style has so much passion involved. Their games were so good, I actually watched DK play Orange twice, the second time with Korean commentary lol.

Biggest Throw/most shocking moment:

Kyxy denying the Aegis, nuff said.

Best individual plays:

This one was particularly hard for me to decide. It was between S4’s Puck, Ferrari’s Shadow Fiend and Iceiceice’s Invoker. You have to check out the games to decided, I for sure can not put my finger on one. I thought all three played amazingly well. Too hard to decided

Worst team:

MUFC. Going home without a single win, shockingly bad

Most underperformed:

Mouz sport. They were doing extremely well in the western seen just before Ti3. They qualified first in the western qualifiers and they were on a winning streak in beating top teams such as [A] and Navi. I was rather surprised on how badly they performed during Ti3

Most exciting moment:

Dendi’s fountain hooks. Those hooks brought Navi back into the game. Without those Chen+Pudge hooks, Xboct would never have gotten the time and space to farm up the items required to carry the game. Fountain hooks are ridiculously imba. Hao’s Gyrocopter had Aegis. Hooked Gyro into fountain, dies twice immediately. First time the Aegis, second time his own life. Fountain hooks are godlike, can kill anyone in a matter of seconds, no matter the difference in experience or items…….too strong.

WTF is this? Stalker Alert?

My steam ID: 0杀19死 (0Kills19Deaths) , strangely someone today added with a conspicuous ID: 19杀0死 (19Kills0Deaths). To my own surprise I accepted the friend invite in a jiffy. I quickly asked why he named an ID so similar to mine. He did not reply. He changed the subject and asked me to join him in a game, I rejected his game invite as I had really bad pings at the time. I asked him, do I know you? Are you someone I know already? are you trolling? He did not reply. Instead he changed his display picture so that it matched my picture. Now both of us have identical display pictures, but the only difference is that his display picture is an upside down version of mine…..

I am very confused -_-

Do I actually know this person?

Why is he trolling me?


Dota: Stay fresh

From the way someone plays Dota you can tell his mentality towards life. As Dota is not just a game, its a way of thinking.

The grass moves in the direction of the summer wind, when I was young, I always thought I was the wind, I felt I had the power to change to world. But later in life, I gradually noticed that I was just an insignificant thread of grass. I always found myself complaining about the society and the people around me. I always had the mindset that the world was against me. I was being left behind in the cultural change. All the things I enjoyed was back in the past. I had to adapt in order enjoy the current society. I use to reminisce back in the days in China, everyone knew each other around the neighbourhood. We would play on the streets, play in the park and play in each other’s homes. It was a tight knit community. I was never alone. After moving to the UK, I found this was not the case any more…….The streets were empty, the air was saturated with silence.  I had to change. I had to adapt to the rapid increase in the speed of technological advance in the 21st century. I adapted to the widespread use of the internet. To be able to enjoy life, you have to let the past stay as happy memories. And change yourself to fit the current society as the current society will never change for you.


How does apply to Dota? Easy. I believe if you want to be a good player, you have to be update with the current Meta game from watching competitive games. Few Days ago I was playing a pub game, and I saw an Axe with double Stout shield as first items. This made me chuckle….in the current fast Meta game getting 2 stout shields gives Axe no early ganking potentials.

Understanding the current Meta game also allows you to pick better line-up. Picking up early to mid game gankers is a far more affective approach to the match than having a 4 protect 1 strategy. Even team DK are changing the way they play. They use to give Burning the safe  lane to farm until he has all his items, but now we see Burning playing aggressively on the hard lane.

Stay fresh.

Dota Hand

Have you ever experienced this?

When you play Dota for a long time on a daily basis, the anchor of your wrist will gradually become red. Often that region of the hand will have a thicker layer of skin compared to the rest of your hand. A callus has formed at the pivotal point of your wrist.

Long hours of Dota is training for our mouse holding hands to be tougher and stronger…….or could this be a sign of too much Dota……





Music, Dota and Time Machine

Similar to the discovery of electricity, the creation of music has changed the lives of millions. Where electricity depends on the continuous movement of electrons to transfer energy, music depends on the vibrations in the air stimulating our ear drums in order to transfer information.

Music is an universal language, a tool that can trigger certain emotions to the masses. For example playing “Disco Inferno” at karaoke has the same effect as drinking Chivas mixed with Green Tea to ease our timidity. Listening to Marvin Gaye has the same effect as popping few Viagra pills before doing the sex. Specific songs can also produce unique feelings to build up within a specific individual for a split second or a few minutes as one reminisces about the past. It is these components of music that makes it a great diary, each song is like a mini time machine that takes you back in time to live and feel the very moments you treasured.

I guess sometimes gaming is very similar to music. At each stage of your life you play a specific type of game, just like your music taste may change as you get older and wiser. For me personally, Dota will probably be the last game I will play. Dota is my favourite type of music. Dota can truly represent a period of my life.