Bounty Hunter kill steal master

Bounty Hunter is one sneaky bugger, comes out from the middle of nowhere. One auto attack plus shuriken can snipe any under farmed support hero. Bounty Hunter’s cast animation for shuriken makes it an ideal spell for kill stealing.

Here is a video of Bounty Hunter KSing like a boss -_-


Phase Boots



Magic Wand


Eul Scepter

ROTK: Like a BAU5

ROTK, one of the most inconsistent dota players in the current scene. He can either be mind blowing or becomes an ATM machine for the other team.

I saw this on twitch chat, and I thought it was hilarious. Fellow Dotaers react in a similar fashion to his play style, up  and down like a roller-coaster.

Od4woGz                                              9121619