I regard YYF as my favourite player of all time, whether in-game or as a person. He has produced top notch Dota when he first joined the scene back in 2010 when he was noticed by the legend 2009. I believe YYF is a humble player,that always tried his hardest to reach his goals.

He revolutionised the offlane with his world class Windrunner, he popularised the use of Race-car Naix and let us not forget his unique use of Bounty Hunter to compliment the glory days of face-rush dota.

He has always been a player that performed on the big occasions. His triple buy back on Storm Spirit to keep LGD in the game. His Panda Brewmaster leading iG to the grand finals of Ti2. I believe all these big plays will be remembered.

He has achieved so much during his Dota career so there should be no regrets; however it is sad to see him go on a low. It is unfortunate that Icefrog no longer nickname heroes like the old days of Dota1 where Shadow fiend was Yaphets and Burning was Antimage.

YYF you will be missesd

RTZ/Arteezy/A-God rap




people worship these idols till they watching streams of A-GOD
nagas all my disciples you get split push with these broads
dotas just a recital better remember all that you practiced
fore i die, buy a couple good items and then stash it (woah)

think its time for a sad boys army
me and my crew yeah we busy farming
still they sleeping as i’m creeping
you and your 5 stack on a diet
6th on speed Artour improves it
OD intel steals u stupid
this some new shit
carry scrim games that suppos-ed supposin pro with

out in off illusion slithice
bitch looking like pre-patch traxex

i’m just tryna play win or die dota
get more gold then fucking rax this
this dota class getting led by a student
flame this pub get head while i do it

started out winning no lans
loda said shut up but i won a million (fans)

money i’m huntin it down
looking for ganks
radiance, watching them burn
i got so many ways that i can kill you all i’ll always be straight
if you give me that urn

been on my grind, taking what’s mine
i got my eyes on the throne,

imma be fine no matter the time,
unless i go feed them and throw

my farm beautiful somebody feed and boost me
this aint yo farm tonight nah that creep is juicy
thats money in that tower better give it to me
i see you grouped so i eclipsed these noobies
i’m eclipsing noobies
ya’ll groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies
groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies
ya’ll groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies

people worship these idols till they watching streams of A-GOD
nagas all my disciples you get split push with these broads
dotas just a recital better remember all that you practiced
fore i die, buy a couple good items and then stash it (woah)

fuck a day job fuck a day job
got a rune comin to gank top
getting levels bitch i’m gleaming
better looking than dota demon
new meta for all its worth
im the reason this shit gets nerfed
i dont see the need for fame
good luck have fun, imma just own in my lane

this bitch love me long time dont know why she wouldnt
say my MID could win the tourney yeah no lose? bitch you know i couldnt
seven thousand on my stream, thats a lot of viewings,
watching all of my rampages thats how we do things

rtz stay solo no stack
you got no rax
fuck you dont even buyback
hating? ill give absolutely no slack
extra gold for getting the track

been on my grind, taking what’s mine
i got my eyes on the throne,

imma be fine no matter the time,
unless i go feed them and throw

my farm beautiful somebody feed and boost me
this aint yo farm tonight nah that creep is juicy
thats money in that tower better give it to me
i see you grouped so i eclipsed these noobies
i’m eclipsing noobies
ya’ll groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies
groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies
ya’ll groupin up at rosh so i eclipsed these noobies


Credits to:  kwazimouto

Qpad Red Pandas out but not over

Yesterday was a sad day for the Qpad Red Pandas squad as they got stomped like a pub game by Mouz 2-0 in the Western TI3 qualifiers, knocking the Red Pandas out of the competition. Though I was rooting for them to make it through the qualifiers, but I believe it was too much to ask for a team that was set up only two and half months ago.

I could tell the training house helped them improve immensely as a team, as their team fights were almost immaculate, especially the time when they picked off Black’s well farmed Weaver, where the Qpad team really had to land all their spells perfectly in order to take the Weaver down. Though I have to question some of their decision making and individual abilities. I personally thought putting Luna mid against Puck was such a noob decision. You can argue that Luna can out last hit a puck, but Luna , an extremely fragile hero with no escape mechanism can be so easily ganked by the strong roaming potential of the two Mouz support heroes, Shadow Demon and Nyx. Also in game two, it was useful that Mini and Jerax helped SeleCT to kill Beastmaster mid, but leaving a defenceless Anti-Mage against an aggressive tri-lane is crazy. In game two, they never capitalised on their early game advantage. On the topic of individual abilities, I personally think SingSing has the strongest laning and individual skills in the team. It makes me ponder why he is not playing the solo-mid position any more, instead he plays the Carry role. With SingSing as Carry, he has no impact on the game in the early and mid game. Right now Qpad are losing games within 30 minutes.  Qpad won most of their games when SingSing was playing mid. In my opinion SeleCT’s individual ability is not up to par to play mid, he can hardly win his own lane, let alone help the other lanes, and I can not believe he sometimes does not carry a teleport scroll when laning mid . The mid lane is an important lane, as the hero laning mid gets solo experience. If so much of the team’s resource is going to someone who can not make the most of it, what good is that for the team? I think Wagamama is a far better Carry player than Singsing, as Wagamama has been playing Carry for most of his Dota career, Wagamama is a far more experience Carry player compared to Singsing. He is accustomed to the Carry role, in addition, sometimes Singsing plays a carry as if he was playing mid, focusing too much on the team rather than his own farm. Watching Qpad play yesterday reminded me of ViCi gaming few months ago when CTY played the Carry for the team. ViCi were getting stomped by Tier two teams, now CTY switched to the Solo Mid role, they managed to beat LGD.cn in a convincing fashion. SingSing is the CTY of Qpad, he needs to have more impact in the game in order to carry the team through the early game so they have a fighting chance in the mid game, in order to give Wagamama a chance to Carry in the late game!

I really hope they stay together as a team. I believe they still got a lot in them. The change in the roles really did not work out for them. They need to polish up on their decision making skills. In particular SeleCT needs to play many many many many many 1v1 games to improve his laning skills. I still think the Qpad team’s hero pool is way too limited, making them very easily to be countered by opponent teams.

Mid: SingSing

Offlane: SeleCT      (SeleCT carry- if using: Lone Druid, Mid-if using: Magnus)

Supports: Jerax + Mini

Carry: Wagamama

Though these roles should be interchangeable, which would offer the team some flexibility. I think SeleCT and Wagamama may switch roles in certain games depending on the hero being used. For example, if the hero was Lone Druid, I think SeleCT is more than capable of carrying with LD, whereas if the hero was Naix, I would definitely put Wagamama as the Carry role.


Good luck with Qpad in the future.

QPAD Red Pandas need new ideas

It has been one and a half month since the announcement of the QPAD Red Panda’s roster. The team got off to a good start, beating strong teams such as Empire, Mouz and VP. They also managed to grab the SK trophy in a convincing manner.  Now the honeymoon period is over, more and more of the top tier teams have sussed out Red Pandas aggressive play style.  Their recent results have been pretty poor, losing five games in a row. They also struggled to beat tier two teams such as HWA and TO. Sometimes, they even manage to throw away games where they built up a 10,000 gold and experience lead.

So what is going on with the team?

Half of the games Red Pandas lose are due to poor drafting. I do not think the poor drafting is solely the fault of  Wagamama & co picking up stupid line-ups, I think it is also because the team has very little flexibility. Red Pandas only have one reliable strategy, and that is the early smoke dual roam with either Shadow Demon and Chen, or Shadow Demon and Lina/Leshrac. With only one type of play style, the top teams can counter the Red Pandas extremely easily. If you look at the top teams, most of the players know how to play multiple roles, for example; LGD.cn’s DDC is equally competent on a support role as  Solo mid, also YAO and Xiao8 always switch roles with each other. Secondly I believe SeleCT is far too careless on the offlane, he is almost an ATM machine for the other team. I do not think SeleCT is mechanically bad, I just think he is trying too hard to reduce the farm on the other team, he is forgetting about his own development. I see numerous occasions when SeleCT roams around in the enemy jungle with Bounty Hunter at level 1 achieving absolutely nothing, where he could have simply just stayed invis on his own lane to leech experience, at least staying on lane would guarantee you a fast level 6……. It is hard not to sound like a Sing星 fan boy, but he is the only person who has been performing decently. He would be Godlike when the team is struggling. He has shown us how to carry with heroes such as Puck and QOP, single handedly clawing back the deficit for Red Pandas to comeback to the game. As for Wagamama, JRX and Mini, their hero pool just seems so limited. I always see them playing the same five heroes, Lina, Lesharac, Shadow Demon, Chen and Naix. They need to either invent new strats to broaden their hero pool, or broaden their hero pool to invent new strats. Right now they are simply too predictable.

They really need to step up another notch if they want to qualify for TI3. They need more starts, more strats and more strats. Invent new starts, not just copying LGD.int’s method of play. Right now most of the teams know how to counter them -_-

QPANDA is not level 6 yet

QPANDA, a newly formed pro DOTA2 team sponsored by the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” James from the Goodsstudios. They are the new boys in town, they are laying down the gauntlet to the big boys.

I have to admit, they are definitely not the strongest team out there, to be honest, they still have a lot to learn.  From watching a couple of their games, their team coordination have been all over the place and their roaming ganks have been easy to spot. Furthermore, when they do have an advantage, they should enter the Olympics because they would win gold for throwing. Also they seem to only have one reliable strategy  and that is Singsing on his signature Kunkka. Most of their wins have come from sublime individual skills from either Singsing or Mini.

However, I still believe they have the potential to be one of the top teams in Europe. We all know Singsing is a troll in his streams but in pro games, even back in the days when he was with MOUZ,  he was a star. He always managed to make big plays even when his team was failing him (* cough cough Sexybamboe).  Wagamama, a carry player who has been around the scene for many years, he has definitely got plenty of experience. Mini, bumchum of Wagamama, they have great synergy together, not only in bed. SELECT, he lacks a lot of experience, but that will only come with time. He is mechanically strong from being a former pro Starcraft 2 player. When watching SELECT’s stream, I really feel so sorry for his keyboard because he seems to be smashing 300 keys per second…and JRX lol (sorry, but I really don’t know much about this guy). The other important thing to point out is that the QPANDA team is living and training together, that really makes a massive difference, look what it has done to LGD.int. A former team that was raped by chinese Pubs and now they have reached the G-league finals.  Right now, QPANDAs are still in the early game, only around LV1, but once they reach lv6, they will drop a motherfucking wagachrono in your face!

To be honest I am rooting for QPANDA not because of their DOTA but because they are officially the coolest DOTA2 team out there! Sup son?



10 Most hated type of Dota players

  • Mid and feed:People who random a hero, no matter what hero they receive they will immediately call “me mid”. Half of the time within two minutes they would have died twice and the opposition mid would be almost 3 levels ahead, and the mid lane is almost impossible for anyone to lane on. The Mid feeder will then decide to go to another lane to leech experience and last hits. GG
  • First blood rage quitters: There are players that quit as soon as a first blood occurs. It does not even matter whether he or a team mate gave the FB (First blood), he will just quit. I really do not understand these people, why join a game that often last for at least 30+ minutes, where the balance of the teams shift back and forth continuously throughout a match. And you leave within three minutes? 
  • League of Legend (LoL) players: WTF is LoL, laugh out loud?  The fact that the game is shortened to LoL is a joke. Most new LoL players joining Dota would think they are amazing due to previous MOBA experience, but the fact that DOTA is 100 times more challenging than LoL would make all new LoL players noobs. In the future LoL players please do not flame Dotaers.
  • Russians: No, I am not a racist person! I am only showing my middle finger to the retarded Russian Dota players (There are obviously Russian players that play with good manners). They seem to show no respect for any other race. They call the Chinese Ching Chong and call all the other race Niggers wtf? For some reason most of the Russian Dota players think that the rest of Europe knows their language…..
  • Chicken Feeders: These type of players would ruin the whole game for everyone by endlessly buying couriers to feed to the other team. If that is your attitude toward playing a team game, I think you are better off playing Tetris. I believe these type of people either are spoilt brats or kids that lack a lot of love, hence feeding couriers to get as much attention as possible from both teams.
  • Try hard try harders: It makes me laugh every time when the opposition types ” f*cking try hards” in the all chat. The fact that you are insulting the other team for trying hard to win is such a contradiction. The whole point of a competitive game is to try and win. Calling other people “try hards” is just a way to make yourself feel better.
  • Flamers: Dota is already a hard game, why are these people making the game even harder by raging at the microphone. Please keep your anger to yourself. Pls….buddy don’t have to be mad ^_-
  • Carry Pickers: These type of players would pick a carry under all circumstances. Ok, we got a Faceless void, Phantom lancer, Earth Shaker and Shadow Fiend. That is right! The Carry Picker will pick a Medusa. GG.
  • Fake Supporters: I personally do not mind  if support players don’t purchase wards in pub games, but these type of support players would do their best to steal all your creeps. These type of players tend to be very arrogant, they believe they can carry with any hero due to their incredible skills, their heads are stuck so far up their arses they are blinded by their own shit. However in reality, the Crystal Maiden with a BKB will still be raped by a poor Antimage in late game.
  • Retards that matchmake with good players: These type of retards would flame the losing team constantly due to their teams dominance. The funny thing is that your contribution to your teams success is almost zero as your game statistic is 0-2-1. Instead of flaming in all chat, please just thank your team mates in the allied chat. Thank you very much!

Dota Stress Relief part.2

Are you still stressing out while playing DOTA2? Are you still raging at your team-mates? Are you throwing your keyboard against the wall because you have given up all hope in this game?

Well I hope this post will help you relieve some stress while playing Dota2. After all, this game is made for people to enjoy. I personally believe most people get incredibly worked up about the game due to their closed mindsets, their main aim of playing the game is not to have fun but to win, win and WIN!

When playing a match that may not be going too smoothly, you may have been matched up with a couple of retards, a few drunk Russians; most people would not be able to resist raging at their own team-mates about how noob they are, however this approach is incredibly wrong. Your insults toward your team-mates would create a snowball affect where the flaming would increase with more offensive insults. This would cause your team and yourself to become more hot-headed, and we all know that hot-headed people are unable to make logical decisions, thus you will end up losing the game feeling like shit.  The correct approach when stuck in this situation is to encourage your team-mates, also make sure that your strategy to this match is not effected by your noob team. In team fights, it is important you are there to do the clean up kills while your team take the damage, this way you will control the rhythm of your match as well as your team.  During team fights it is important to compliment your team-mates when ever possible to boost their confidence, in addition their trust in you, thus they are more willing to become  meat shields for you.  This may sound incredibly selfish, but this type of play would maximize the enjoyment of the game, even if you lose as you would end up with the most kills and assists, furthermore with minimum flaming you may even become friends on steam after the match.

Another really simple approach to reducing stress while playing DOTA2 is not to pick carries. Playing carries you often have zero impact on the early game. In most occasions, if your team mates are full retards; the game will end before you have farmed boots. Thus I strongly advise  people to play Solo Mid or Support roles to maximise their influence throughout the match.  Playing Mid or Support enables you to control the tempo and the ganks of the game, whereas if you played a carry you would only be farming. In most cases playing a carry, you would have farmed no items because all your towers have gone, there  is no room to farm, you have not killed anyone and your throne is about to explode. You will lose the game without making a single impact on the game. Thus playing Mid or Support roles you can actually be effective members of the team, even if you have lost,  you would feel like you have achieved something useful.

Dota Stress Relief part.1

Dota (Defence of the Ancients) an extremely competitive team based real-time strategy game. Like all competitive games, tempers will fume. There will always be rage quitters, flamers and “away from keyboarders”.

From playing on gaming clients such as Garena, Iccup and Dotalicious I have experienced and implemented all three acts of anger. My personal encounters of these abusive behaviours have led me to notice indecent conducts only generates further rage quitting, flaming and AFKing. Thus I believe listening to music while playing Dota is a great cure for reducing the number of angry Dota players by calming down the hot-heads.

Music not only helps to make the Dota community cleaner and more friendly but also helps Dota players to perform at a higher level. For example last hitting is a very rhythmical procedure, so last hitting under the influence of music really helps to increase those creep stats. If you are a hardcore carry I would suggest songs with prominent beats. Now farming like ZSMJ may seem slightly more feasible.

Another advantage of listening to music while playing Dota most players take for granted is that when your hero dies at a high level, the respawn time is annoyingly long. However the length of the respawn time is not long enough for you to pop to the gym to work on your finger speed. Subsequently you could chillax or have a cheerful sing-a-long during the hero respawn time, time not wasted!