Dota 2 sound remix

Hanni from Fnatic tweeted a link to a funny music video where Witch Doctor’s sound effects were remixed into a short song. I must say, I am impressed.

The maker (hlgf) of this song also have lots of Dota2 sound related videos under his youtube channel.

A funny video from DotaMe about Dota 2.

DotaMe an organisation formed on Youtube have started to make Dota 2 sitcom vidoes. I watched the first episode, it was really funny, though people may need some Dota knowledge in order to understand the jokes. I would suggest everyone who love Dota 2 to watch the video and support the organisation. With more support they will bring out even better videos in the future. I can not wait for episode 2.


Dota Nooblets: Short Sony Vegas Clip

I have recently gotten my hands on a really cool video editing software (Sony Vegas Pro 11). Thus I wanted to make some cool flashy Dota 2 gameplay videos of pro players owning pub games. To my own surprise, these videos are incredibly hard to make. It took me almost a week to make a very short 2 minutes video. The clips I have chosen are not really top 10 plays, I just used some clips from some of my favourite pub players so I can get my hands on some video editing haha.

I personally think the video is pretty bad -_-……but I am pleased with what I have done as I have only been learning certain video editing techniques for the past week or so. I am definitely still a noob at this.


If some of you experts got some good tips in editing please feel free to tell me ^_^


Hopefully I will be able to make better, flashier and more exciting videos in the future!